Somer Valley FM Schedule


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Radio made by people who love it!

Somer Valley FM is proud to offer listeners a new programme schedule for 2018. All our shows are made by volunteers who do it for the love of radio and Somer Valley’s mission of dedicated local broadcasting. All our freshly made hours of radio are produced weekly by over a hundred local people from the emerging talent of school students through to radio veterans of many decades experience.

At Somer Valley FM we have never turned anyone away from the opportunity of making radio. Training and building skills is at the heart of what we do but the fact that we do this whilst making popular radio that people want to listen to adds to the wider benefit. If you would like to know how you can make radio click on ‘Get Trained’ in the ‘About Us’ section. We take having fun, when making local radio, very seriously!

Please note that all of Somer Valley FM’s shows are presented & produced voluntarily and are subject to change at the managers discretion. As a volunteer based organisation we offer this schedule as a guide to what you can expect to hear but listeners must accept that sometimes a programme may be different from the one published in the schedule.