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That Show with Alex and Ed: Wednesday 10pm – 11pm

That Show is like a metallic salad of music with a light garnish of talk flavoured nonsense brought to you every week by local idiots, Alex and Ed. Each week, accompanied by a group of “friends”, That Show does not shy away from the big questions such as; “What song is next Ed?”, “What do you mean it’s broken?”, “Aren’t cats just small dogs?” AND THERE’S MORE. From unknown origins, That Show is on the cusp of something great, something monumental, something… that will change the world. Join Alex, Ed and company on That Show, every Wednesday at 10pm. Please. They need as much help as possible.


Alex Davis

About Alex

Alex Davis, the living embodiment of minty fresh breath, is most famous for presenting ‘The Alex Davis show with special guest Martin Blackmore’ back in the late 1830’s. A community warrior, Alex fights for the working man, utilising his prowess as a middle order batsmen to combat the scourge of our times, and his lifelong nemesis. Ombudsman Paulo.



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Ed Cook

About Ed

Ed Cook, likes pressing buttons. No one is quite sure of the meaning of his catchphrase, “Chinese railway protection racket”, but one thing we can be sure of, it is advisable keep this man away from an ironing board. Growing up among the tropical tribal peoples of West Laos, Ed has developed a promising cuttle fish of prog rock sound that guarantees to be quite interesting.

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