Simon’s Stock of Music: Thursday 9am – 10am – Somer Valley FM

Simon’s Stock of Music: Thursday 9am – 10am

Simon used to listen to radio shows that played ‘his kinda music,’ but they don’t seem to be around much any more so his plan is to fill that missing gap in current radio scheduling. With the aid of his support workers from Dimensions, Simon is now very much involved in and a big part of the volunteer base at Somer Valley.

Simon’s musical knowledge is vast and in addition to liking ‘Heartbreakers’ and ‘Tearjerkers,’ he also likes ‘Power Ballads’ and enjoys listening to and playing a lot of ‘B-Side’ tracks on his show.

Regular listeners to his show include staff at The Radstock Council Depot, as well as staff at the Children’s Centre in Paulton and also his neighbours in the Oaklands area of Paulton.


Simon Stock

About Simon

Simon works for Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council. He is a local lad who went to Beechen Cliff School in Bath and grew up in this area. Always having a keen interest in music and radio and being an avid listener to radio for as long as he can remember, Simon remembers as a boy always wanting to be a radio presenter but the opportunity never presented itself until now, and as soon as it did, Simon lost no time at all and was in recording straight away!

The first record Simon ever bought was ‘Tie a Yellow Ribbon’ by Dawn and his favourite songs are all ‘Heartbreakers.’ Join Simon to hear these and more A and B side tracks.

With many new friends since joining the station, Simon would like to use this space to acknowledge all the staff and volunteers for their continued help and assistance when needed. Simon says, “This experience has really boosted my confidence and given me an outlet to use my extensive music and chart knowledge. I’m teaching my Key Worker a lot about the kind of music I was listening to before he was even born and reminding him of songs’ chart positions from only a few years ago.”


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