Governance Structure

Somer Valley FM is an organisation that maximises opportunities of inclusion with no barriers to entry for those who want to participate in its operations. Members are democratically represented.


Station Directors

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Dom Chambers
Director / Station Manager
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Cllr Chris Watt
Director / Business Services
Mark Kenny
Director / Education Services
Graeme King
Director / Financial Services
Cathie Evans
Director / Education Services

Operational Team

Dom Chambers
Station Manager
The Station Manager is responsible for daily operations, training, volunteer coordination, business administration & sales
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Luke Barnes
Production & Systems Manager
With responsibility for daily operations & training, Luke is on a contract of employment following being our first apprentice. Luke reports to the Station Manager on Production & Systems matters.
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Pete Helmore
Technical Support
Pete Helmore has been with Somer Valley FM since the start. Everything Pete does at Somer Valley FM is offered voluntarily adding to his already credible CV where he works full time for UKRD as Group Technician
Kay Alford
Kay came to us with no idea on how she could help us.... Once she saw our station manager's desk, she knew exactly what she could do! That was 5 years ago and ever since Kay pops her head around the door everyweek to tidy up the paperwork. Kay also has experience with HMRC and helps us with returns & tax related work.

Volunteers Board

Additional operational responsibilities are undertaken by The Volunteer Board, which reports to the Board of Directors and represents volunteers with management. The Volunteers Board is elected annually by the members.

Bryan Chalker
Board Member
Jamie Skinner
Board Member
John Hole
Board Member
Rob Bayly
Board Member
Richard Harris
Board Member
Glenys Chalker
Board Member
Richard Burgess
Board Member

Project Delivery Team

Somer Valley FM priorities the Health and Wellbeing of its volunteers and listeners. We are supported by these professionals

Suzi Roberts
6 Week Challenge Co-Ordinator
Simon Allen
Social Care Champion at Sirona
Julie Harrington
Sirona Healthy Lifestyles
Georgia Butler
Documentary Producer