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Drivetime With Luke, Dean & Brandon

The Thursday Drive-time show with Luke, Dean and Brandon is an interesting show. Being able to structure their show, they have found they love to make a varied playlist in which, they feel, will suit everybody no matter how old or young. They tailor each show with current, old school and sometimes, other various types of music in which they hope to lighten the mood whether you are at home, at work or in your car.


Luke Nix

About Luke

Luke is a dedicated person who loves going fishing, and works with Bath Angling. Luke also works outside of Somer Valley FM in IT support helping his clients with the best service he can provide. Luke always tries his best at everything he does, and he is valued by his other show members a great deal.





Dean Frew

About Dean

Dean likes to think he is the smartest of the bunch, but we are all undecided. He enjoys being on the radio, and he feels that it is one of the things he looks forward to during the week. Dean is looking onto go onto University to one day become a teacher and all of his team mates believe in him 100%.





Brandon Messer

About Brandon

Brandon is normally the quietest of the bunch, but when you get him talking sometimes it is hard to get him to stop. Brandon is a college student and is studying Media. He likes to draw watermelons? And sometimes we can’t even guess what he is thinking. His team think although he is quiet some of the time, being without him would make them lose their minds as they always look forward to his next sarky comment, that is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces.

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