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Case Study | Dylan | Employability

This felt like the first big step since university towards getting the kind of job I want


dylan-200Dylan came to Somer Valley FM as a Job Seeker on the Pathway To Employment initiative in January 2013. Launched after registering with Job Centre Plus in late 2012 this created opportunities through radio training for job seekers to build their employability through the development of transferable skills. Recommended by the Bath Job Centre Dylan came as a graduate of 2012 with a degree in Creative Writing & Film Studies but with little workplace experience.


Dylan was looking for practical outlets for his interest in film and the media. He writes, “I had set myself some goals when I started including gaining practical researching and writing experience, and wanted to learn audio editing. This felt like the first big step since university towards getting the kind of job I want, but I didn’t know quite what to expect when I started. I had assumed I’d spend much of my time helping in the background, but I ended up doing a segment live on air on my first day. By the end my fourth week I was already presenting a show by myself.”


audio-editing-tutorialsDuring the placement Dylan developed audio editing, newsroom and presenting skills. He created features on new film releases as an outlet for his special interest in the subject. After achieving his first live show Dylan reported to the station manager, “I have today produced and presented my first complete show, something I hadn’t imagined myself doing when I’d started. I’ve been able to assert myself and take control. As someone with a physical disability I had been nervous about how I would fit in and how others would perceive me, but that hasn’t ever been an issue here.”


How did he feel the experience helped him into employment, “This opportunity has given me inter-personal skills that would be necessary in many different lines of work. I’ve gained practical experience with industry standard software and equipment. This has given me an outlet, in a work context, for the writing skills I’d gained at university. I’d now feel confident in presenting all of these skills on my CV or directly to an employer. My experience at Somer Valley FM has been undoubtedly positive. This big step has boosted my confidence and renewed my passion to work within the media.”


film-editing-boardThree years later Dylan had pursued his ambition for a media based career. In January 2016 he reported, “I work for Dragon Digital, a film post-production studio in South Wales. I do Quality Control work and some basic film editing. It’s pretty much bottom of the ladder in terms of film industry but I’m enjoying it and it is a great place to work.”


Not only is Dylan on his chosen career pathway but he has moved from being a liability to the state to a contributing tax payer.

12th January 2016.
Credit: Dom Chambers

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