What is Somer Valley FM? | That’s media with good stuff, right?

sv_greenSomer Valley FM integrates education and business in a professional media setting. We empower people and communities using the influential medium of radio combined with a unique, skills based learning environment. It is popular and entertaining local radio with a powerful social agenda.
We work with Public, Private and Third sector organisations including Sirona, B&NES, Curo, Quartet, Radstock & Westfield Big Local and businesses. We are linked to schools, colleges and universities right across Bath and North East Somerset. Training is at the core of what we do with outcomes around employability, education, health & well-being, local culture, music & sport as well as community and intergenerational cohesion.
With an established audience that is building we provide a unique setting for individuals and groups to get contactUstheir voice heard. That audience is drawing growing interest from local businesses in using radio to raise awareness of their products and services. The rates for advertising and sponsorship reflects our Not for Profit status which makes us attractive to all marketing budgets.

The backbone of our schedule is the evening programmes offering radio of tremendous quality and variety. Many of these music shows have bedded in over several years building loyal audiences. They provide a rare platform for local and emerging talent across music, arts, culture and sports.

Licensed by Ofcom to transmit on 97.5FM Somer Valley is the only radio station dedicated to  North East Somerset. We are a central platform for local news, event guides and informative documentaries. We are aware that local listeners also live, work and play in neighbouring cities and towns. We stream live online and have a Listen Again facility. The station can also be accessed across Bristol and Keynsham on DAB.

The welfare of people and providing a place in which they can thrive to fulfil their potential and aspirations is at the heart of what Somer Valley FM is all about. Having fun whilst building skills underlies the potency of this contemporary and ambitious model of community broadcasting.

From the Station Manager…

“My job is to make sure we have a place where everyone can achieve whatever it was that brought them to us in the first place. The glue that holds it all together is the laughter and fun we have. From that comes a lot of hard work and skill development.  Come and see for yourself how it all works at Somer Valley FM.  We welcome anyone interested in ‘media with good stuff’ through the doors. So pick up the phone and I’ll put the kettle on.”




Call Dom on 01761 568004